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Kitty Colony is a 501c3 non profit organization who depends on people like you to support our cats.  If you would consider making a contribution to sponsor one of our sanctuary kitties, a donation of $25.00 will provide basic care for one month.  Donations are easily made using our PayPal account. 

Sanctuary kitties are our less adoptable cats with special medical needs and/or behavioral concerns. 


Hi there, I'm Trixie - They called me Trixie cause I was tricky to work with - but I was too little and they really didn't want to put me back outside - so they were very patient and loved me lots.  I am still very nervous around strangers - but I do love to play!

UPDATE: Trixie has come a long way, and has shown herself to be affectionate with several of the volunteers, and even some strangers. She LOVES to be pet (on her terms of course), and gives affectionate love bites and head nudges when she is excited.

Trixie is now considered a sanctuary kitty due to her age and cautious nature.  Please help us continue to provide for Trixie's long term care by donating.