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You can help save lives!  Become a Foster Parent! We need YOU!

Kitty Colony Inc. is always in need of good foster homes. We have many friendly cats and kittens waiting for their own forever homes. In the meantime, we need responsible foster families that can care for them on a short term and sometimes long term basis.  In order to maintain our vision of cage free, carefree kitties, we need your help!   

Do you have a spare bathroom, bedroom or office to share with a few kittens?
A comfy basement ready for some kitty wanderers? Whether you can take one or four, every little bit of love you share does work wonders.

Kitty Colony provides any and all medical care the cat/s would need while in your home. We can also supply bedding, toys, startup food and litter and a cage/crate for isolation or socialization purposes if needed or desired.
If you think you could, temporarily, open your home to needy cats or kittens, please complete and return this application to us via email, or in person at one of our adoption events and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

Download Kitty Colony Foster Care Application